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Valeriu Mladin
valeriu mladin
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Valeriu Mladin is born in 1958 in Romania. He is a graduate from the Institute of Fine Arts "Ion Andreescu' in Cluj, Romania.

Mladin has won many prizes and awards, including the 'Knight Cultural Merit' from the president of Romania. Mladin is a teacher at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania.

His works are held in state and private collections in Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, USA, Taiwan and Romania.

If I should have to define myself in a few words as visual artist, I should stress that the experiment is the main factor that connects all my creations.
Although I am perceived generally as a painter - and indeed this is my main activity - I am using also other artistical media, depending on the subject, as for example: photography (in photo installation "Mengele's collection' exposed at the Venice Bienale in 1997 or the photo installation 'Milky Way' - Mulhouse, France 1996), sculpture (the exposition 'Who shot us?' at the Art Museum Timisoara 1992 and 'Ten Years After' personal exhibition at Romanian National Art Museum - Bucharest 1999) and performance ('The Police is on our Side' - Timisoara 1991). And in painting, depending on the project, I am continuously experiencing new things. I have been imposed as expressionist artist, but I have also some other domains that I investigate in paintings.

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